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Nigerian Nurses Association in America- New Jersey Chapter uses Nursing Network to connect with their members and followers.

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We, As Nigerian Nurses in New Jersey, have come together for the common interest of improving the healthcare needs in Nigerian community both here in the USA and at home, Nigeria with an Understanding of a need for health education, health promotion, and access to healthcare services for our community. We have formed this organization to unite the nurses of Nigerian origin, to improve the image of nurses in our community, to encourage nursing education among our high school pupils, and to advocate healthcare for this population. This association shall be a nonprofit and a tax-exempt organization.

Membership Benefits:

Members of NANNNA NJ chapter enjoy lots of benefits which include conference discounts, continuing education discounts, membership support networks, and professional networking. Members have the right to influence decision making concerning national and chapter level issues. Full members are eligible to vote and be voted for as officials of the local chapter or as delegates at the National Working Committee (NWC) or various National and state committees.

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